Craft Beers

Inmate IPA

For those of you who prefer a more aggressively hopped beer, the Inmate IPA will certainly please. With three additions of hops in the boil kettle, and a large dose of hops in the fermenter, there are over two pounds of hops per barrel. Amarillo and Columbus hops varieties from Yakima Valley give the beer its citrusy aroma and dry finish. The strong hop flavor is balanced with a big malt bill which includes English pale malt and American crystal malt.

O.G. 1.069
IBU: 70
ABV: 7.5%
SRM: 9
Beer Terminology

O.G: Original Gravity. The amount of sugar available for the yeast to turn into alcohol.

IBU: International Bitterness Unit. The higher the IBU, the stronger the bitterness. Anything below 30 won’t be too bitter

ABV: Alcohol by Volume

SRM: Standard Reference Units. The higher the SRM, the darker the beer.